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As a fitness professional you can now profit from your passion. Earn commissions and get perks from top brands.

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Earn up to 40% commission recommending top fitness products

The best products in cardio training, fitness technology, strength training, supplements...

InBody BAND 2
Retail price
Your potential profit
Pro Kinesiology Tape
Retail price
Your potential profit
Organic Caramel Waffle
Retail price
Your potential profit

Earn up to 40% commission recommending top Yoga products

The best mats, straps, towels, blocks, mat bags, water bottles, pilates products...

Aeromat Yoga Block
Retail price
Your potential profit
EcoWise Yoga Mat Bag
Retail price
Your potential profit
KOR Nava
Retail price
Your potential profit

Earn up to 40% commission promoting top running products

The best products in footwear, technical apparel, compression, nutrition, electronics...

KT Tape Cotton Elastic Sports Tape
Retail price
Your potential profit
Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor
Retail price
Your potential profit
Boost Oxygen 4oz Pack
Retail price
Your potential profit

How it works

As an expert, product recommendations are part of your day-to-day. With Plazah, it’s very easy to make money recommending the products you trust.


Pick your favorite products from the Plazah catalogue. You don’t need a large network or technical skills; spread the word in person or easily promote your store online.


Our tools allow you to easily communicate with your clients, answering product questions and helping them decide which products to buy.


We deal directly with manufacturers to offer you the best incentives. With Plazah, you will get your commissions paid right away.

Your first sale in 10 minutes

Plazah is so easy to use that you can start selling in less than 10 minutes.

Just sign-up, pick your favorite products and start spreading the word in person or online. Our e-commerce platform is ready to use and ensures the highest levels of quality and security for your sales.

Everything you need for free!

Your own customizable online store

Real-time chat tool to communicate with your clients

Give your clients and friends access to special discounts on selected participating brands

E-Commerce pre-configured and ready to go

Trusted by people like you

Here’s what they are saying

I pride myself on offering only the best for my clients because they deserve it. Since Plazah has come along, they have helped me do my job and recommend only the best products and affordable pricing and as a Plazah insider, I can even offer discounts! I am so glad I teamed up with Plazah.

Selling with Plazah is so easy! It only took me three minutes to sell my first product. And I didn’t have to worry about any shipping. It was great knowing that my client got her products quickly and without any work on my end.

No need to have a large network or technical knowledge. I sell to my fitness clients as well as to my family and friends; they trust my advice on fitness, I can offer them great value and make money.

As a fitness trainer, I constantly get asked about which products are the best to stay healthy and in shape. Plazah gives me free access to a great product selection with very high commissions. Recommending a product is a breeze!

Why Plazah

Get compensated for your expert product advice.


Highest commissions

We negotiate wholesale margins with the industry’s leading brands so you get a high profit on each sale. Plazah keeps a small fee for the transaction.


100% free

Plazah is totally free. No investment, no fees, no need to buy inventory or worry about deliveries and returns. Just sign up and start selling.


Easy to use

We made Plazah extremely easy to use. It is for everyone; you don’t need a large network or online experience to start earning money.


Help others

Help your clients and friends find the right products and spend less. They will value your expert advice and discounts.

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